Free Training for Brokers and Realtors

We have developed a Powerpoint presentation for Real Estate Agents that has been presented to over 60 Realtors from April through June of 2017.  Explaining what deficiencies reveal when they are found on the Home Inspection report (REI 7-5) and how best to inform your client what they mean. Please have your training Agent contact us so we can set it up for your office.


10 minutes to 2 hours, to fit your training needs



New Real Estate Inspection  7-5 (Home Inspection Report)

Precision Construction Altimeter

Electrical – GFCI versus ARC fault

Plumbing – air gap, air break, anti-syphon, backflow preventer

Water heater – deficiencies

Proper inspection of garage door

Types of roofs – what can be walked on

Roofing nomenclature

Questions ?????